Reviews for "Feed Us"

ruined by bugs

hey, pretty awesome game, however it has some major faults that weight it down.

First of all, everything is very slow. Not just in performance, but also times when the game makes you wait for no reason. The main menu takes forever to appear, and then the map takes forever to appear when you click go. Seeing this same slow sequence after every level gets tiring fast.

The main menu is also incredibly laggy, specially compared to the actual game.

Ingame, it's a pretty nice idea, but marred by bugs and control issues. First and foremost is that the mouse control feels very floaty. The fish seem to go faster if the pointer is farther away, but what it means in practise is that the edges of the screen are basically off limits because you swim so slowly there, and it feels silly. When you jump in the air everything slows way down, which i'm sure is deliberate but it's a bit much. The lack of control there is also frustrating, as you can often find yourself launched in an unintended direction and wait forever, unavle to do anything, until the moon gravity brings you back to the water.

Even more annoying is that once you land your fish seems to be stunned for a while and can't be controlled for a few seconds. I could swear this recovery time was getting longer and longer the more fish i added. jumping can force you to do nothing but watch for a good 10-20 seconds sometimes, which gets boring fast

there was also a problem with fish getting stuck on rocks. I ragequit after my entire swarm leaped offscreen to the left, presumably got stuck on some rock , over there, and never came back, leaving me to do nothing for the rest of the level.

Also, sharks are rather annoying. They;re pretty easy to dodge, but if you mess it up they can eat tons of fish at once, costing you a lot of upgrade points to buy them back. making enemies less binary would be nice.

it's a great concept but some of your implementations are in need of a bit of fixing. Some sort of magnet ability to click on an area and force all fish to swim .towards it would be useful, as would just a little bit of aerial control

Repetitive, very glitchy


Nice work!

I enjoyed this game, I really did. It was something different from the other games that we usually get here on Newgrounds, but I cannot say that it was better. The game had cute graphics, nice and very simple controls and a nice idea. But this game also had a cheat option. That is almost like you would have put a virus on your computer on purpose, it's just not right. Not only that the game was too easy to play, but it also got cheats? That is a silly idea, I am sorry.

Overall, I give this game a 4/5 and a 8/10 because of the cheat option, of the enjoyable but not too entertaining gameplay, of the bugs (fish got trapped in the algae), and because of the lag that it was creating. Yes, for an unknown reason this game was lagging. Thanks for doing this game for Newgrounds, for us!

Fun but buggy

There are some crazy kinks in this, including people who "swim" right off into the air, and fish getting trapped in the rocks at the bottom of the screen.


Im gonna give it a good 8 i would give it a 10 but the game kinda gets boring becuase its the same thing over and over i got all the upgrades and its jus no fun im gonna quit this but at first this was fun, btw someone please send me a private message how to post games.