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Reviews for "Power Rangers! Black"

Wow, I wasn't expecting that...

Your animation is solid, a little more screams of pain and SFX of stuff getting ripped apart would've helped. Although, I don't think Putties ever screamed, just alot of BLUBBABLLBLALABLL when I think about it...hmm.

If only...

If only Power Rangers were this epic on TV, I would definitely watch it!
Good job on this by the way!

Wow great Job :D

awesome man i would expect this from you you look like you have done some aweosme work in your time and this was just amazing. But i recommend to add music it Seems bland with out it so could you please do us a favor and add one?


make some more of these


To Capt-Yarr(5 below me): Why would you post a review talking about an animation with the red and green power ranger fighting, as if that was supposed to take place (when that is irrelevant to this animation). This animation is about a black power ranger. What you said is stupid as Helen Keller, can YOU refute that?
Nice animation! Liked his break dance ownage.