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Reviews for "Power Rangers! Black"




It's as though you remade the Power Rangers as they should have been. Those of us who revisited them as adults were sorely disappointed. This is how we remembered them and better. I like the absence of music, that allows us to create our own soundtrack with iTunes, to re-envision the Power Rangers in all the glory we believed they possessed as children. Thank you for reminding us why we loved them.

oh thats good!

the animation was masterfully done, thought it should be looped somehow and the others should be more unique.

simply great

I remember awhile back seeing the pink one on the front page and when I saw the new one, I remember you saying you were going to do more so I was like :D

The Red

Shall fight the Green. Both of them in the same animation stealing each other's weapons as they fight in a battle of skill and mocking one-up-man-ship, back and forth throughout the final animation. Do you refute this claim?