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Reviews for "Power Rangers! Black"

Excellent Animation Skills

I really like these. You managed to remain faithful to the source material while also updating it. I find the sound in these is weak though and they might benefit from having a little background music. Oh one more thing, you say this is part 2 of 5. I know you mean part 2 of 6 right?


This flash takes me back to my childhood. If only Power Rangers had been this awesome when I was a kid. I'm looking forward to the future releases, especially the Red and Green ranger. Keep up the good work!

like a walk through my childhood...ON ROIDS

dude, i love the design for this. the sound is perfectly engineered, and the puddies are unique but hae enough of the original in them to bring back some nostalgia.

the Ranger designs are awesome too, because theyre believable.


This is really well done, sadly though the sound effects are used well, but lack highly in the quality of the actual clips used.

It would be nice if they were updated with the same or similar sounds with higher quality stuff.


Bad Ass

Thought it would have funny if he a black man tackle like in the Genesis game.