Reviews for "Power Rangers! Black"

Grim Reviewer

Overall: 3/5 : 7/10

Audio: 7/10
Animation: 8/10
Plot: 6/10

A nice use of different high quality sound effects really made this quite enjoyable to watch, no sound was over-used or too compressed and the levels of everything was most pleasant.
however A little more would've been nice just to help delve the viewer into the flash a little more.
A suitable but effective BGM really would've made this flash to be honest.

the animation was superb, very clear, concise and well-made, shadows and lighting was where it should be and the movements looked nicely weighted and for the most part, realistic.
It would've been nice however, if you had spent just a little more time to make the movements a little more fluid as the fast movements were evidently hard to track and follow for the average viewer.
The use of different angles and camera movements really helped give this flash a rather professional appeal to it that most others dont have.

the plot was kinda... ehhhh not there.
I understand that this is just a short flash with no real plot intended but I cant help but wonder how the power-ranger got there and what happens after the explosion as there's no closure to the end, just a big explosion and that's it.
It almost felt like we (the viewers) had come into a movie theatre half-way into the movie, watched a fighting scene and then left without seeing what happens next.
Just something to ponder about next time I guess..

All in all, this was a superb flash.
It's quite evident that you put alot of time and effort into this, so It's a good thing that it's worthy of the front page.

Congrats and keep it up.

the animation was nice, but

There's a very distinct lack of sound effects and music.

Also, on more than a couple occasions it's hard to tell what's going on. I'd suggest storyboarding and keyframe planning before you do your next project to create a more fluid piece.

It was alright...

Animated well, and the art was good, but you didn't really push the envelope. Some generic action music and the putty bloobleebloobleebloo noise would have gone a long way in this short.


I was hoping he'd have a afro, a baggy suit and what not.

Bad as fuck.

In the best possible way, Fuck yeah, power rangers.