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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"


One of best race games in newgrounds


you rock keep on making these games!

well done.

I gave you a full score because you'r doing something different and difficult. High framerates are awesome and can make outdated graphics look good and solid. This is good work. I can tell by the pixels and having played a few games in my time.

Great game.

Nice graphics and cars. I also like your maps, I started off with the skyline cause it said begginer and looked better than the lan evo, even for a first car it was nice. And for a 3d flash game the graphics are marvelous. Keep up the great work,ill check ur userpage for more of your work when the time comes, and what programs are used?

rumblesushi responds:

Cheers - and It's written in pure AS3 and compiled with Flex, with max used as a modeller and level editor :)

i love this game! I wish there were more like it <3