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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

The drifting is honestly quite satisfying to pull off, but only two of the three camera angles allow you to actually see what you're doing when you are.

There's also Coastal City, which gets so surrealishly narrow at times that it is quite literally impossible to turn without running out of road to use.

As for the sound design, it's alright.

This game overall has quite a bit of charm to it. It surprised me to find no speedruns for this game though. I feel like it has a lot of potential. If you do run this game, or have a fast time you want to share, please submit it to speedrun.com

Extremely challenging and fun racer! Even though I'm not a fan of drift (either games or real life) I have to salute this game as one of the best "Flash Racers" I ever played.

3D graphics are topnotch and, even though it lags a bit, experience overall is very pleasant. Music and sounds are also good.

Had no issues with controls. Level design is a bitch though. Some spots are too tight to maneuver properly in order to mantain speed, this is even worse if the rival car is around.

Even though code is not very solid, as it allows for some exploiting around drifts to achieve top speeds where it wouldn't be possible otherwise, although I believe the developer took this into account and lowered the time limit so people wouldn't be able to exploit their way to gold.

PS. Secret medal requires a better-than-gold time in one of the stages... Figure which one it is.

This game is possibly one of the most challenging games I've played recently. All of the tricks are hard and you need to learn when to use them in order to be effective with them. If there is one sad note, I tried Super Drift 4 and was disappointed at how bad the drifting was in that. This drifting feels tight and rewarding to do as you have full control and no preset animation (so far as I can tell).

great game

i love this game! I wish there were more like it <3