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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

actually pretty amazing

seems like you've set the bar for flash games to just about the level of the ps1...crazy

rumblesushi responds:

Thankyou, and yep it's been my intention from day 1 to make proper 3D in Flash at playable framerates, with big worlds etc :)

still cant believe

that these graphics which were state of the art growing up are now accessible on flash >.<


The graphics are awesome! I can barely believe it's done in Flash. Excellent showing of 3D programming abilities!


i feel like I'm in Ridge Racer 3D :D

rumblesushi responds:

Glad to hear it :D


@NikkiDawne Of course the graphics he wanted to be a classic PS1 type racing game. If he could make it better than the game would be more laggy because more has to laod. He did a really good job on it.