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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

Holy crap

Now I remember playing the original playstation and I find it scary to be playing a game on the internet (for free) which has graphics comparable to a game we would of paid for ages ago.

I am utterly speechless, it brings a tear to my eye to see the progression. Keep it up, I hope you can continue such work. bravo.

fun game

for not being a huge fan of racers i decided to give this a try and was impressed
-amazing graphics for a 3D flash game and when i saw it was developed on your own engine i was impressed
-great physics
-reminded me alot of a console racer on the PSX
-controls take some time to get used to
-not many courses
Decision 9/10
an awesome racing game that looks and plays well for being a 3D flash game that is only hampered by its problems in control early on and its lack of content, hopefully you guys keep making games using this engine


Graphics are superb and the physics are superb. Very, Very impressive. I wish I was smart enough to develop something like this. Much respect.

I hope this a demo and not the actual game

Game looked great!
But it looked like a demo since there are only 3 tracks.
Add Upgrade system like Gran turismo and you got the Best flash game ever made...
The game feel like playing a PS1 game on flash!!!
The graphics were perfect for a flash game.
I support 3d games so I will vote 5!

Enjoyable game once you get into it.

This is an overall great game. The controls seemed really clunky at first, but once you got used to how each car controlled, the game was much more enjoyable. Seeing a good 3D flash game is also awesome. The only downside to this is, again, the control.