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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"


This really isn't my type of game.. BUT the everyone else about this game was perfection! 10/10!

Very good game!!

You have a very, very good game engine here, with nice collision detection and good texture mapping. I think that you should work on it a little more and utilize the engine in other types of game genres. I think the engine would work exceedingly well for a first-person shooter or a 3D adventure game. I think you should do games like Mega Man Legends and Duke Nukem 3D with this engine, as I think they'll benefit from it more than a racing game would. However, I have qualms. The controls are a bit slippery and that makes it hard to control your car, and it was far too easy to get in front of the car you're racing against, so some tweaking on the artificial intelligence would be in order. I also think that the sound was far too sparse and clinical, so maybe some extra sound effects such as crashing, tire-screeching and bumping for when you tap the car next to you. Otherwise, a very promising game. I look forward to seeing more from you and your team.

cool could improve too

this is a cool game, you should be able to inertia drift, and maybe reduce those speed boosts

pretty good

it isnt the best racing game ever but, its pretty fun, the graphics are amazing for some of the other stuff ive seen racing wise, so, overall, pretty awesome, 8/10


its not really that good