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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"


Definitely fun and the lvls are awesome! And I'm not sure if these exist in-game already butt ..... it'd be nice to have an option to go back to the previous menu during selections, trigger a mini map, and maybe a tutorial/practice lvl xD

Reminds me..

Reminds me of Ridge racer same type of racing with great soundtracks it would be good if you would name those songs you used!
enjoyed the game so much

A proper 3D flash game??? Impossible! Oh wait...

This has to be one of the best 3D flash games I've seen yet. Most of the other 3D racing games we're Mario Kart clones limited to mode 7 graphics. So far it plays smoothly and okay on my laptop.

The graphics were okay, and reminds me of the PlayStation Grand Turismo with Hi-res graphics.
The Controls were a bit finicky for me and was difficult for me to keep from hitting the walls while drifting.
The music fits okay and was listenable and gives that arcade feel.

I guess the big plus would have to be the fact it's in proper 3D, a rarity for Flash.

Nice job.

It's just like one of those arcade racing games.

great work.

omg >_<

my brain is dead :D
holy *#$% :) "Neon good times" is crazy!
styled game with perfect soundtrack.
and its very hard to drift on expert, cause 1 second is tooo long.