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Reviews for "Super Drift 3D"

It's pretty good

This is a great game but could use a few different car models and some more difficult tracks would be nice.

This game is awesome and the graphics are great.

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks, it's interesting you say more difficult tracks. Most of the feedback I've had say the tracks are too hard, with too many bends. I guess if you're experienced at racing games, they're not that hard.

Very good graphics, not-so-good mechanics

First let me say the mechanics are somewhat screwed up. Expert mode drifting is unreliable to execute (at least for me), and the speed boost during drifting does not seem realistic. Worst of all, wall-hugging a curve turns out to be faster than drifting round it properly.

That said, this is by far the nicest looking flash racing game I've seen, comparable to the old arcade classics like Daytona. Very impressive. Good choice of music tracks to complement the racing feel of the whole game. Overall very well done.

Just one thing: Why in the world would you not put a back button in the in-game menus?

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks for the review and fair point, I completely forgot about the back button on menus, there should be one. Regarding drifting, you can actually get much better times with perfect drifts round corners compared to wall hugging like Burnout - especially in the AE86 and Ferrari. Make sure to steer in early, and counter steer at the right time so you exit the corner straight. Regarding the speed boost, agreed - it's not remotely realistic, but I didn't want it to be - in fact the extra speed boost (with orange smoke) from the AE86 is inspired by Mario Kart :)

Regarding expert mode, I find it much more reliable than easy mode, but I guess that's due to how much I've played Ridge Racer, it's like second nature.

:O 10/10

I like it ...wow


i loved it... the graphics maked my remeber my joung times playing need for speed 3 hot persuit :'D... funny... good break... and I'm in the 14th place at neon good times :D:D

Super fun

It was real fun, but hard to drift. im a noob