Reviews for "Simple Tests"

For some reason

I started thinking of Cave Johnson from Portal when that guy started talking


Anyone who's done fifth grade math would've seen what was going on right away.

Also, if anybody here was thinking these things were solvable (except for the phonebook thing), you're an undereducated n00b and you should go back to grade school as soon as possible.


There are people who can lick their elbows.... a lot of them axtually.
nice flash btw

simple enough

simple fix, kill the spinning fans in the first shot, they are too much of a distraction as well as dont fit the art style of everything else.
also the animation was pretty good, but i would say if your going to have stills that close to the screen have em move a little or have thicker lines so we can establish the depth.

it was good

The movie was good, not the best i've seen, but it had a pretty good idea to it, rather than the classic internet meme like you said.

My real problem is the fact that you listed a bunch of ideas that you were going to use in the author comments, see to me the only reason you did that is cause you think someone else might have had ideas like them, and you're trying to put them down and show people that you had the idea too. Seemed shitty to me, but that's just how i interpreted it. There's literally no need for you to list ideas that you DIDN'T use, so why do it..?

Anyway good voice acting, good animation - pretty smooth throughout, good use
of humour - but nothing that made me really laugh.

ScaredyDave responds:

I'm sorry if it came off that way, I did not mean it like that at all. The only reason I said it was because the Judges needed to know how I came to the result of how I interpreted the theme. This theme in particular was a hard one to come up with, which is why I did that. I was also trying to see if anyone would be interested in me visiting those ideas again later.