Reviews for "Simple Tests"

Something that we don't have the time to saw

Did anyone could read that his 1324e test was to "Animate a short film to the theme "divide by zero" in 4 weeks"? Me neither :/ . Funny, But It first makes me think of Portal.

ScaredyDave responds:

Yes! I was hoping someone would catch that! It was suppose to be a subliminal one. Good eye!

Lick your elbow

It was completely awesome. Good job man! :D

Nice animation

But everyone knows you get infinity when you divide by zero! The result of division is the number of times the denominator fits into the numerator, and zero can fit into anything infinite times. Flash knows what I'm talking about. I could write you a line of Actionscript that returns Infinity when dividing by zero.

Of course, if you divide zero by zero it equals zero and infinity and everything in between all at the same time. Because zero times anything will always equal zero. Unless you multiply zero by infinity, which is the same as dividing zero by zero. In Flash, it's NaN, or "Not a Number."

This was a triumph

Pretty cool idea, just had to write a comment about how it reminded me of the Aperture labs (from the portal games for those who have been under a rock) and all the testing they do with the boss only being heard over an intercom. Otherwise pretty good animation and voice work. Good luck


Its a good animation