Reviews for "Simple Tests"

Its alright.

good animation and acting.
it kept me entertained :)

Funny, but could have been a bit better.

I personally HATE meme humor, but I found this to be kind of funny. (You're not the first or the only one who hates that shit.) Truth is, I think that you and Jake (Lazy Mode Comics) are incredibly talented and deserve to be up there with Adam Phillips and RobsH66. Now, on with the review...

Animation: I really dig your style, which is a nice throwback to '90s cartoons and newspaper comics. Plus, the animation is just excellent (it also helps that it's frame-by-frame). However, I suggest that you use the Flash 8+ filters as little as possible since they can cause older computers to lag significantly.
Sound: Great job on the voice work, music, and sound effects. Next time, rather than put a link to Ebonyte's voice demo, add him to your portal buddies list.
Content: While I did chuckle a bit, this tended to drag. I suggest that rather than write out your jokes on a script, you draw them out on the storyboard. On the other hand, you have a good sense of direction, which is important in animated cartoons. Plus, it's also original, and that's good when the idea works.

What I do like:
-Mildly funny
-Great art and animation
-Nice sound
-Good direction

What I didn't like:
-Could have been funnier
-The blur effects were unnecissary.

Overall: Dave, here's an eight from me.

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for all the kind words and feedback! I actually don't know how to make Kevin (Ebonyte) credited correctly >.>' Truth be told I thought I was doing it right, but just recently figured out I wasn't. So if anyone wants to help me out with that, that would be superb!

For some reason

I started thinking of Cave Johnson from Portal when that guy started talking


Anyone who's done fifth grade math would've seen what was going on right away.

Also, if anybody here was thinking these things were solvable (except for the phonebook thing), you're an undereducated n00b and you should go back to grade school as soon as possible.

Second 'Divided by zero' flash I've seen...

...And I like it. The animantion was great, it reminded me a bit of Egoraptor's, but a bit less... ADHD?

Animation: 9/10
It was great, I liked how every emotion came to it's rights and everything seemed to go smoothly, great job!

Audio: 9/10
Well, mostly I judge audio in the way if it annoys me or not, if not I give it a '7'.
You used two voice actors, if I'm not mistaken and they were chosen well.
Everything seemed realistic and nothing like annoying.
The computer voice was also done very well.

Story: 7/10
Well, with 'Divided by zero' you can't go very far, but you did very well. The thing is, I only saw /0 come by once, so I would've liked to see more about that, but otherwise I enjoyed it very much, so thank you!

Overall rate 9/10 and 4/5 (average for all)
Keep it up!

ScaredyDave responds:

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! Much appreciated!