Reviews for "Simple Tests"

you can laugh as much as you want but..

not thinking about purple elephants is really hard! haha...
great flash,I really enjoyed watching it. :D

Sounds like...

You got Sheryl Merkowski! :D

ScaredyDave responds:

Who? O.O;


i litterally LOLed

Hah! I beat him!

I only did 1,439 impossible things!

But I did actually manage to lick my elbow... turns out that bicycle accident had some unexpected benefits after all!

And I found the corner in the round room (old Polish joke).

And finally... I divided by zero... and all the universe was opened to me! No if you'll excuse me, I must ascend to a higher plane of existence... *ascends*

2 things

This is like the best video that is so retarded ever! i am laughing my ass off for the last one xD the 2nd thing....u just insulted my friend and he is crying like a baby right now! ur awsome he is being a douche at me for 1 year now he found out how retarded he is! hahahaha!!! i dont know what im laughing at here...him the video or this comment! hahahaha!