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Reviews for "Save the Moon"

ended on 2012

good but short only 19 days and i dont like how you spend cheese to get a faster ship could have made stars currency

not bad for 24 hours.

I'm not really gonna rate it "to" low because it was made in 24 hours.

Likes: art, music, and gameplay

Dislikes: not addictive, too short, lack of verity (foes) , and the ending wasn't to satisfying (although sorta funny.)

This game seems like it would be for NG game jam. I bet if you put in more time into it it would be a lot more better.....obviously.


Not bad

A good game but easy and quick to complete. It would be better if you made adjustable difficuilties.

a bit easy

once you get some of the stuff upgrade it becoems a relatively easy game

Great Game!

Made fun, just on 19th day I got bored :]
I appreciated the little details like swing back and forth when you hold the plane. I also liked the random story. One negative aspect which let me gave you 9/10 is that the earned money is not displayed. Or maybe I'm just to dumb to find this.