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Reviews for "Save the Moon"

ya wat he said V V V

not enuff power ups and i kno it was a quick game!!

not bad reminds me of helicopter the game

you should be able to upgrade the background or have it change besides that its a good game. past a few upgrades it got a bit redundant, but still good.


I was really interested when I read the title, hoping this would be wacky and creative. Not another one of those upgrade games. Sadly so. I didn't feel the screen needed to flash every time you picked up an item, to the point near the end of the game it is giving you seizures, as well as apparently you can be killed after your ship explodes from loss of fuel, which that in itself I don't understand. Also in the description of Item Slow it says it slows down the speed of coins? I never saw a single coin in this entire game.

good fun game

its quite addictive. but i have one issue;
the star upgrades made the cheese upgrades a bit redundant. on my first playthrough i didnt even need to fully upgrade my cheese, which saved me a bit of money.
would have been better if it had more backgrounds or pickups too.

I didnt like it

These people sound like they loved it u can play until u beat the game everything was so easy to get and upgrade i had everything upgraded so easily it wasn't even funny. But illl give u a 10