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Reviews for "Save the Moon"


That combination of trance music and gameplay that makes the player constantly play a game of "connect the dots" by chasing items after items does its job of hooking a player pretty damn well.

The ending was lame though. I finish the game, but at the same time, I didn't finish it at all since some retarded pacmen ate my cheese. Oh wait, I'll just go back and collect 2000 more. Wait, that didn't do anything =/

Yeah, it might be a 24-hour game, but I seriously hope you're coming up with a fun sequel to make up for that anti-climatic ending.

Also, I found a bug. If you were to navigate your ship into a spike from the top, you won't get hit.


Thought it was pretty good - I would of liked different backgrounds and music.

Also i really think the game needs how much cheese you collected total
and how much you collected for that day

Other than that - lots of fun.

I can't stop!

This is insanely addictive!I can't stop even after i completed the game!

A very entertaining game

This game does its job of entertaining me for a good long time. The graphics were just fine for an arcade-type game like this. I for one never grow sic (sic) of multiwave upgrade games. My only thoughts:

When the "end" came, and the pacmen devoured my work, I was expecting a little more, other than the "continue" button. I thought that maybe there might be more, but I'm at a little over 20,000 on day 24, and it looks like it will keep going on forever. I have considered playing to day 50, and I still might, but the music makes that a little impractical.

Sooner or later, I'm going to want my speakers for something else, and I'm not sure I want to keep the game open for this long. My suggestion is to have a hard ending, or make it clear that you're entering "practice mode". Perhaps, the ending should be timed so that, for the average person, the end will come a few waves after achieving ultimate upgrades.

When fully upgraded, it does get a bit tedious. I kept wishing that I hadn't upgraded the fuel tank, yet I wanted to keep the cheese count up, in case the "Real" end, if there was one was score related. This doesn't seem to be the case. If there is a real end, then I might suggest checkpoints, like Doom, where you get an idea of your accomplishments.

I don't remember how many days it took me. I didn't realize at the time, it was going to be important for review purposes. :p I seem to remember getting a negative score. It might have been -29, but I'm not sure.

As someone finally mentioned, it would be nice to have music controls. It's just not practical to keep this game in the background, if it's going to be monopolizing my speakers. I may try to play to day 50, but I'm a bit played out right now. Unfortunately, this game does have a limited life. This isn't so bad with a hard ending, though.

All in all, this was a fun game, while it lasted. I only suggest that you make the goals and endings a bit clearer. If there is another ending, make the final upgrades a bit more difficult, so that the final waves are less tedious. Unlock a new set of upgrades at a certain level. (perhaps after initial ending) It's a bit anticlimatic, if you set "Save the Moon" as the goal, and you never achieve the goal. If this is it, please let me know.

xdragonx10 responds:

No, it is not actually possible to save the moon. Sorry

Too LOUD music

Put a fucking disable sound button, for this shitty song annoys me...