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Reviews for "Mr. Runner 2"

Great, but...

Alright, first of all, going off of what Zenmetsu said, I loved both Super Meat Boy and Canabalt. Needless to say, I very much loved this game as well, especially since it didn't seem to have such a difficulty curve in it. However, having played only two worlds, I can definitely say that I was wrong about the difficulty curve, especially in levels that involve climbing or falling.

First of all, in a game called Mr. Runner, one would generally expect to be running most of the time. Levels where you ascend or descend are redundant for such a game.

Secondly, despite the smooth mechanics in most regards, there are one or two things which could use tweaking; for example, the rate at which you fall.

Thirdly and finally, the wall jumping mechanic is somewhat difficult to control. However, natural mechanics for any complex action in a game are almost impossible to come by, and I'm certainly no game developer. I suppose you aren't to blame for that problem,

Despite the numerous problems listed here, in no way do I wish to imply that this is a bad game; quite the opposite, in fact. It's addictive and quite fun.

All in all, good effort, and I definitely hope to see Mr. Runner again sometime soon.

Hey man!

Beta tester here, tested it and i will say that this full release looks much better!
5/5 10/10 200/100

Mix of Supermeatboy and Canabalt

could have a lot of enjoyment from playing this, but it seemed too much linked with both titles in terms of its aesthetics and game mechanics.

The game would do better with a better character silhouette, a black "Bloo" from Fosters home Imaginary friends, with cat ears, has no connection with the lush art unless it was some sort of halloween/goth art style.

Oh God!

This is great, see my profile! but i have not posted eny flash just yet! :) LOL
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