Reviews for "Infinite Monkeys"


This is retarted, i would die randomly, and when i touched certain points i would also die.

Deadly, Addicting, Insane.

Hooked. Lined. Sunken.


This was freakin crazy duude.

mofunzone responds:

cheers :)

really original

I love the concept and the game is really addictive.
However, I've noticed some issues like before you enter the sewers and the level with the three lazers (where you have to click like a maniac) can't be passed unless the computer can cope with the cpu intensity. I had to try it on various computers before I managed to find one that could run it well enough.
apart from that, great game!

refreshingly new

that game is fun to play and (evil)fun to watch aswell. clever ideas and easy handling.

you just cant go wrong with monkeys.