Reviews for "Infinite Monkeys"


Lol im new and this game Rocks

Not bad.

Didn't really catch my attention though.

Very nice, but...

why did you use the gaianoline.com halloween song?

alright, but...

there are a few bugs, one of which made me just give up on the game entirely. When you're trying to hit the emergency defrost button, if you jump on top the button to dodge the sawblade, you can get out of the level. It kills you, and then you respawn in the room with the egg that says MoStuckZone in the corner. Even worse is that it respawns you in the wall, killing you every time.

Great idea: Execution could use some work

Trying to figure out how to use the "warp bubbles" could use a little bit more explanation (though you should be able to figure it out through trial and error) but more crucially, the responsiveness of the monkey in moving was a point of nearly constant frustration.