Reviews for "Infinite Monkeys"

Infinity awesome!

ive gotten all of the four ending !
Two are in the sewer and the other two are at the end
Don't want to spoil too much so stop reading this and play the game already!!!

Interesting Concept

I don't think i have seen the idea of warping the stage like that before, or at least not in a flash game, or quite like this. Good Job


thats gotta hurt


you had to go THAT far to free all the monkeys? its like 20 stages at least, each one harder than the last, not to mention you had to be smart enough to find a way down the drain without dying. i'd rather escape alone than with my buddies. i'm selfish like that. overall, an awesome game.

ooooo thats got to hurt

gop everywhere but INFINITE MONKEYS!!!!!bring more monkeys i hope i don't run out! 5/5 10/10