Reviews for "Infinite Monkeys"

Pretty stylistic!

It took me awhile to understand what was going on, but once I did it was freaking awesome! You really even had no idea yourself how the game worked. It was extremely experimental with how you experimented with the gameplay yourself. For those of you who couldn't figure it out, you fire at certain positions that expand, making it easier for you to advance. I did draw a blank when it came to the lasers. The notes in the game were pretty useful.

I guess this is probably what an infinite number of monkeys would do. The graphics are really well done in this and everything moves smoothly. It was so cool how you had to really figure out for yourself how to advance. You'd think some blocks wouldn't be much of a hindrance. Boy, was it fun blowing up those cameras.


Wow , nice idea you got here , i liked the concept very original , but when you play it for some time , its kind of repetitive , so maybe you can add something for have some variety , But apart of that excelent game

and interesting game with fun mechanics

the premise for this game is quite humorous, the game play involving puzzles using the mental distortion is fairly innovating and the character is... well, a monkey.
the game is incredibly entertaining and quite amusing.
and, the fact that the setting is an experiment makes the game all the more interesting ^.^