Reviews for "Infinite Monkeys"

just saying

Yes their are a few problems with the game, but the fact is the fun starts at the intro and keeps going trough the game, good work

Great idea, but game need little improvement

I loved the idea - use of effect of bulge is something truly new in games, I've never seen it before. Also, the levels were greatly designed, it gave me lot of fun solving the riddles.

But what irritates me is that there's no auto-save. Come on, novadays it's standard in flash games. If you find a level too hard you either have to keep the site on or closing it and after doing all the stuff from the begining. Nobody likes that.
I would also add an option, that after getting one of the endings, you can start from the point, from which you can achieve other ending, not from the begining. That would make people much more eager to come back, and play your game again, trying to find that, what they didn't manage to get last time.

Simiani ad infinitum!

The intro was outstanding in all its simplicity. It really made me smirk in anticipation.

After the intro it was a small disappointment of sorts to see that the actual game didn't have that much to do with the infinity of the monkeys: gameplaywise it was just a matter of infinite lives and that's a very common thing in games these days (especially flash ones). So in a way the intro felt a bit unrelated and along with the name of the game made me expect something even more personal than a somewhat innovative platformer with yet again, an oppressed protagonist. But this might be just me...

... so as for the game itself. The idea is fresh, and the implementation is very good! An appropriate comparison for this game could be the game called Faultline. I think there the concept was even more innovative and brilliant, but this game has more to offer contentwise: there is a plot of sorts with the crazy scientist, some hidden stuff and different routes and endings to be found, and of course there are the infinite monkeys. The only annoyance are the tightest spots which you encounter in two of the other endings. Experimentally putting those distortion spheres on top of each other to get the wanted result in those tight spots sometimes seems at least partially like a game of chance instead of a space bending puzzle.

All in all a great game that offers a lot in a neat tight package!

Fun and unique

I like it, fun and addicting. But why won't it save your progress? It saves my achievements but I tried to play a different time and it started me at the beginning again. :/ I didn't see any other comments on that, so am I the only one?
Also, a small glitch. Sometimes you'll die in places you shouldn't.. like running into a small gap, which should just prevent movement but sometimes makes you explode.

Great Game!!!

That music is off of somthing, I think its Gex, Medievil, Pychonauts, or somthing.