Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"

It's too hard for me-.-

...no comment

Hacsev responds:

What the hell is so difficult in this movie?


What? How do you get 50 pts for watchin a Fucking random movie?

Hacsev responds:

Same as below.

how did they party all day long when it was night?

You Can Do Better Than That

Yes, there are medal points and it is Bahamut's birthday. But the whole movie is just Bahamut dancing in the room with random characters popping up. Come on, Hacsev, sure you can make a much better movie for Bahamut's 21st birthday, right?


i know the medals were approved and everything but this is just Bahamut the dragon dancing around in a room while characters are popping out and music plays. i mean come on hascev you can make a better flash than this.

Hacsev responds:

This review sounded a lot like Dream-of-Duke's. Yes, I know I can do better. This was just for practicing with tweens and rotations like I said in the comments.