Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"

Whoops, someone started the party early!

For those that may not be aware, my actual birthday is the 12th and not today. Putting that aside, this was a very nice early birthday present. I like how the majority of characters were borrowed from my submissions (although how you managed to get those character models without any .fla files of them is to ponder about some other time but I have no objections at all) and it's a fitting tribute. If there's one thing that I gathered from this movie, it's that dancing dragons are hypnotizing. The movie went by very quick because of that. Overall, it's a nice tribute to my flash animations and it's a great reminder of how much fun I had with them back in the day. Thank you very much for making this movie for me, even if you posted it a day early.


Hacsev responds:

I apologize for submitting it early. But I'm very glad you enjoyed my present. Perhaps I should have talked about borrowing your characters, but then it would not have turn into much of a surprise, now would it? Anyways, glad you liked it, Bahamut!


Im sure this violates some copyright rules. Meh who cares!


Everyone is partyng YEAAH!

At Bahamut 's party Tom Fulp is rocking like hell whit Prof Oak and hitler!!!!111!!!1

there are also Ned and Bender HELL YEAH!!!1!!!11

Thanks, what secret medals?! :O

Thanks for the 50 point medal just for watching it but what're the other 3 secret medals :o

Happy Birthday Bahamut!!!!!