Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"


the music is quite annoying, and it's just a matter of looking at your medal page and click the objects needed for obtaining the medals. Other than that:
Happy b-day Bahamut!

p.s. also thanks for revealing the secret easter egg from that other game of yours, that's actually the only thing i liked about this flash.


what.... happy b day but what was that?

Happy birthday

It also will be my 21st birthday like in 22 days.
So think it would be cool to receive a crappy flash for gift,
that dragon is lucky.

Cheers !


2 medals are not working for me.. I keep clicking dr. pepper and the coffee mug but I don't get the medals.

Hacsev responds:

That's because you have to click them on a specific time.

It's too hard for me-.-

...no comment

Hacsev responds:

What the hell is so difficult in this movie?