Reviews for "Bahamut's BDAY Flash"

good movie

the movie is funny the medals are good to it is a pretty good game thanks for posting it. and thank you for telling me where the weebl was in the abusive review quiz it really helped a lot. overall great movie.


that was hilarious and i look forword to next years lol


MFW: This showed me the secret medal in a different flash.

Happy birthday, Bahamut

Thanks for bringing it to all of our attentions that Newgrounds' favourite dragon has aged by another year (This means all sorts of shit in D&D with size categories and weapons etc, but let's not go into that.)

Well done with yoinking all of the pictures from across the back catalogue of Bahamut's collection of flash over the years, though he's pretty much stopped making them now, which is a great loss to the community as a whole.

I'm really impressed that you asked me to contribute an old photo of me for the medal - yeah, if you find it peeps, you've done well. A real shame I couldn't find the last one, but I've given it a lot of thought and a damned good try. Perhaps it would have been good if you could have added the audio of Bahamut being drunk on a YouTube video (research really helps in these things), so that would have given something else for us to laugh at.

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easy medals it would not let me get the last medal though?