Reviews for "Recycle!!"

Lame like Shit

sorry it does suck due

1. the shortness

2. not funny

3. we know it all

4. really fucking weird

5. No reason

thank u for reading plus thumbs up this

great job lalo

The fbf animation when he slam dunks the tree really blew me away. All around, great style and mood with this flash.

A serious topic shown in a light-hearted manner.

The Earth is truly wonderful as it heals itself. Alot of people think that recycling is not essential, if everyone did recycle ..then our children can still grow up to see the beauty of nature .

Reduce, reuse, watch this again

I was going to give you a 4/9, but that duck totally put you over the top. Also the jamming gator helped. Good message, great work!

Lalo responds:

thanks :) Im glad to hear the little duck helped lol.

Very good

Really good totally agree!