Reviews for "Recycle!!"

Great ad break material

This should be on TV!
The animation is great, the humour is light and fun and the message is punchy and not propagander-ish. In all this is a great little toon

agree! :)

I WILL SHARE THIS TO MY FRIENDS :D i super duper agree with it :"> :)

great job!

imma share this :)

This should be first best of all time!

Seriously, not because is a great animation and everything, but it's an animation for sustentability!

GREAT! but ...

What exactly does walking and saving water have to do with recycling?
Apart from the whole "saving the earth theme" ofc.

Apart from that i realy enjoyed it. It was colour- and joyfull. I find that to be a fresh erway to promote recycling than the usual babybirds dying from trash / covered in oil.

Lalo responds:

yea i just threw some loosely related stuff there. Im tired of those guilt inducing videos of baby birds full of oil too :(