Reviews for "Recycle!!"


Great graphics and animation. The very vibrant colours added a lot to the Flash; as it was supposed to be about a clean planet, the clean presentation further drove that point forward. The voice acting was good too, and the ending with the duck I didn't have a problem with. Nice, short Flash. Great work.

~ Z

some people...

just read that Stevenscottddballz comment and all i can is come on!! Your being a bit too sensitive there! ha but hey great animation and message ive been trying to what i can to help the earth lately but also not look like too much of a hippy in front my friends. Maybe messages like these will change their ideas and i wont be a loner ha :D


Poor duck

Aw! The POOR duck!

I thiought this was a GREAT message about recycling, & WAS going to ask if I could show this at my church. Then I saw what happened to the duck. NOPE! This is NOT for me.

Lalo responds:

you can cut it off before it dies

lol funny

it was cool