Reviews for "Recycle!!"


I like the music and the animations. Plus the duck at the end was hilarious! :D


Comical, but if your doing this for an academic scholarship would it not make more sense to cover up the woman in the bikini haha? Good job though, It would have been really awesome if you made an animation of a bunch of different ways to recycle and do it really fast. Oh well, I hope you win.

lol nice

lol i found this a nice and funny short. well done
it is true tho.

Very true but....

First we need to get rid of those Addicted to Drug bitches that Sniffs and Smokes Drugs, because once their High, they do ALOT of stupid stuff that includes killing us all, Destroying the world, and not doing a simple thing by putting Recyclable stuff into simple recycle bins.

Plus America is already making one of those cars that uses ONLY water. My main Worry is that We're killing Trees... BY DOING HOMEWORK!!! I wish we could atleast do EVERY SINGLE WORK IN OUR LIVES only on a computer Laptop. I mean, it only uses Metal which can be found in ALOT of minerals in the ground. Unless your idiotic enough to use Petrified wood to make a Laptop.

But most people also wont listen because they care about their lives and "predict" that all of the stuff runs out after they die. Selfish bastards!

oh yer!

its cool becaues its true