Reviews for "Recycle!!"

!This is a good sign!

If people keep destroying the nature on the planet, there will be no life, food, and water. I'm giving this video all the likeness it needs because its spreading the word that we should keep our earth clean! Just the other day i saw someone liter. I didn't call the cops, instead, I just pick it up and put in in the trash. Don't forget to recycle!!

Well said : )

Cute and funny animation. They should show this instead of those boring ones, then more people might get it.
"We can plant a tree.. or something : \"


Lol, you said it, Mr Lalo, sir - screw them. I guess the project that won was a simple slideshow to some crappy music? Well, the outcome of your application for the scholarship isn't half bad. We got a new, pretty nice clip here on NG.

PS, it'd make a perfect educational clip. Why?
1) it's educational, duh, so it serves its purpose
2) it's funny
3) it's short
4) you added something special at the end, which made it more tempting to watch through.


that dum duck killed me am dead

Im going green!

Could've been longer but this was awzum =3