Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


new favorite shit on NG's :D


9/10 only cuz of the crap quality of the animation

I thought this was hilarious! the faces they made were awesome

Pjorg responds:

Glad you like.

Notice how the score is low, but the reviews ain't

This is actually incredibly hilarious. If you manage to get past the first 20 seconds that make it look like it'll be a bad flash, and actually watch it all the way through before hitting "0", it takes a turn from looking like a poorly made spam flash to an actually hilarious piece. This made me laugh my ass off. Sure the animation and mic quality is shitty, but who cares. Personally, I think that helped add to how funny it was. My advice: Do more of these.

Rather pleasant!

The rawness of the animation works well with the shocking realism of the story. You must have a horrible father.

Love this

I love how the art and sound combine. it gives it a nice feeling.