Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


so randomly funny. really funny.


thank you for showing me i should never try again, i come up with random bits of idiocy all the time, now if i can ever get the time to do anything besides eat sleep and go to work i might actually do something.


Love it man. Got awkward at some points but you pushed past that. Very good voice acting. I like your style. :D


I haven't seen such amazing animation in my life! It was so smooth and I've never seen the animation and audio so in-sync before! The colors were so bright and the voice acting was amazing! The storyline was just phenomenal! It made me teary-eyed and it made me laugh! This is just, so amazing. And if you don't get like, a fancy award then I think the world is blind! PHENOMENAL!!!

that was wierd

but it was funny yyeaaahhh. u to made it fbf and they didn't even move