Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"


Seriously, its like youve uploaded a concept flash. This is choppy, bad sound quality, and overall... sucky. Only smooth animation was in the end? few sec when he was talking? keh?

No, since this is an unfinished product in my eyes youll only get a 2. Next time put some more effort,

Pjorg responds:

That's a funny looking 2. Keh?


Sorry but i couldn't find the animation funny nor could i find the animation to be . . . good. I mean there was a lot of crap in there that a person could criticize; the animation was choppy and the drawing were piss poor, though I'm sure that was part of the joke or something. The voicing was uhh . . . I mean I get that you probably did most of this on your won but even just a little bit of voice inflection when speaking for the dad and son would have helped. To be honest, I think if this was better animated and had better voice acting I may have found this funny, wait, actually yeah I could have found this funny if the animating and voice acting were so piss poor. To be quite honest, (like I haven't said that enough) I only write reviews for animation that suck but have potential. I myself am not an animator but I can note the subtleties of graphic improvement; if you fine tune your animation craft and maybe try some voice acting a bit, (and by that I really just mean goof off and try new voices), i do think you could become a regular on new grounds.

I'm pretty sure guns don't work like this.

Very funny concept, good animation xD i liked this very much and hoping for more of your work!

Fuck, man.

I have been browsing this site for months to find something good AND new and I only found crap... UNTIL NOW! Great job, I really had to laugh. I FUCKIN' LOVE YOU, MAN!

Hilariously simple

I dont know why this was so funny but it was. i loved the part at the end where his last name kept getting misspelled and ROFL'ed when in the last misspelling there was a hidden "jointheusanavyseals" XD

Pjorg responds:

Thanks for the tip! I better fix those typos!