Reviews for "Son, Ya Done"

This was great

I don't care what anyone else says, this was so retarded and hysterical that it actually made me laugh a good bit.


great just great

This is hysterical

Though i wish you'd took more time on the animation itself. The whole improvised audio was quite alright, but could've been better as well, maybe throw some sounds with objects around you like the old radio shows. ;)

This is front page material?

Although I am aware that some comedy comes from certain things being half-assed, that doesn't mean that it's automatically funny. By judging the art/animation style, the voice quality and the script (or lack thereof), I've found the secret word for this movie: LAZY. The comedy consists of generic jokes that we have already seen in many other movies, only those movies present them in better quality and with accurate timing. The animation was half-assed, which made me think that turning this into comic panels would have been better. And the payoff is... It's so uninteresting and not funny.

Pjorg responds:

(Citation needed)

So much originality in this flash!

It definitely took me by surprise, all of the angry faces of the dad, the mooing noise he made when chasing his son down the hallway, the kid kicking through the door and turning the knob with his foot! You didn't put in any cliches', all of your humor was original, which is pretty rare! Right after the dad said, "fight me son", I was laughing all the way through. As for the fuzzy sound quality and "lazy" animation, it worked perfectly for this flash, simply because you've put in the effort into creating a hilarious scenario. This is definitely your own style, don't change a thing!