Reviews for "Moose."

Not bad

I don't know but something is missing in this animation, otherwise its a very nice swf :D go on and make some more :)

Awesome colors

Animation was great and funny, loved the farting noise. Great job.

Lovable Viking + Great art and SoundFX = Real Good

The art was great, nice and simple. The colors were just right for setting the mood, and how you make Moose adorably large was a great addition to making in humorous! Anyways, I enjoyed watching this short, it made my day, especially at the end. :D I hope to see more shorts from you!

I love this

The colors, the fluid animation, the character and the environment were seamlessly put together in a beautiful animation. This is fantastic. Can't wait to see more of your work.


Oooh, no food for you, big viking :D

Very good animation! The part i enjoyed more was when the character moved towards the tree, on a very far perspective, because you didnĀ“t use black lines to define the character or background. It was much more clean and vibrant, with a great sense of color and ligh. Plus, the concept was hilarious. Maybe to maintain the humorous effect you should use lines with colors a little darker than the base, but still on the same pantone variation. Maybe that will work :B

Welcome to newgrounds and hey, add more promissing animations to your gallery ;3

Brutalleschi responds:

I'll have to try this next time.

Thanks for the idea!