Reviews for "Moose."


Moose just can't get it right. Is it just me that wants a small series about Moose?


simple but funney


Great flash - loved the animation and the humor. Great job!

Hahaha I absolutely loved this!

First off, I had to say that I love the idea. Being able to come up with a plot like that alone takes time. I mean, if someone were to sit and think "What am i going to animate for my final? Hmmm" I'm almost positive nobody would come up with an idea quite as unique as this.
Secondly, I am absolutely stunned you did this frame-by-frame in ONE month! That's incredible! The animation is very fluid, and the way you animated the fire effects (and the fire itself) was really something. Not only that, but when you made the tree fall, you made its physics perfectly. The way it fell, and the way you made it look on the way down without distorting the trunk..... Wow. On top of that, your character was grand. Moose's behavior fits that of any viking I could imagine. When he got the idea to add more wood to the fire he did it like a true viking. Nothing like grabbing a tree and biting a chunk off to make a person giggle like a child. Couldn't really find anything that looked like it should be worked on.
All in all, You absolutely have earned my 5 and 10. I love it. And I hope to see more work by you, because I will most definately be checking to see if you have. Your style is excellent. Thanks for making me smile!

Oh, and if you don't mind, Could you share with us what college you go to? I'd consider applying if this is the sort of result you get in your sophomore year! A++!

Brutalleschi responds:

Delaware College of Art and Design is where I went. Its a two year transfer school incase you want to go somewhere like Pratt, RISD, SVA, Uarts, etc., but you don't have the money to pay for all four years at these more expensive schools.. The college I went to is famous, more than anything, for being less expensive.


Well, it's pretty hard to say what other people haven't already said about this.

I'm not an animator, but I imagine myself attempting to animate what you did there, and honestly, I can't animate the style you did for my life, so yeah. I love it :D

I love Moose there, and the finicky fire. The storyline is funny, and nothing like a few grunts in the dialogue to deliver the message: only campfires made by vikings can piss off vikings and still live to cook the meat.

Hope to see more animations from you!