Reviews for "Moose."

very nice

I lik your animation style and the animation that you have is solid, and the lighting with the fire was really nice. the only thing i really didn't like was the beginning with the still frame, adding some sort of movement to those shot's would help a lot.

told ya 5/5

Knew this front page worthy!!!!

Great Animation and Style!

Great stuff man!


Unique animation style and classic "life just doesn't give you a break" humour.
Now that's a rad combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just fantastic!

This is an awesome piece of animation you have here! I love the smoothness of it, the character, the art style, and the concept. I see this is your first submission and I hope it isn't your last!

The only problem is it ends a bit too abruptly. While the story is very simple, it would be nice to have a bit of a conclusion. He fails once... he fails twice... end? Just seems like SOMETHING is missing.

However, this must have taken you a ridiculously long time to make, so the short length is more than understandable. And despite my little criticism, this deserves nothing less than a 5 out of 5!