Reviews for "Moose."


this is really good but a little short i would love to see moose trying to cook that meat some more


love moose's voice and overall its great

Prrrrt - :D

Nice drawing and funny script. This will surely get a great score.

Amazing Animation

Some of the best animation i've seen on Newgrounds, really cool character design too. Your style is needed and fluent and everything is very clear. When he lit the fire i was taken aback by how great your lighting and shading effects where. My only complaint would be i didn't really understand why he picked up the tree and bit it? Nor did i know what he put on the fire at the end. Still it was an enjoyable piece with some awesome animation and i look forward to more from you!

Poor Moose

...he just wants to keep the fire going that's all. Well I gotta say for a frame by frame that was really good. All I can say is that I'm looking forward to more vikings now. :D