Reviews for "Moose."

.D. very funny

I loved it! there should be a tv show .P.

nice man,

heh i chuckled a bit nice and short but witty


We totally need to see a "Tales of Moose" series. It would be fantastic.

Anyhow, loved this. Hope you had the best grade for it.

Short, simple, and funny

I don't know if its just me, but your animation kinda reminds of of the CN show "Ed, Edd,n' Eddy' (because of the the squiggly outlines). Great flash but wish it was a bit longer to see how much trouble Moose puts up with to get the fire started. 5/5


Definitely better than my College projects (please don't say Sophomore of High School, I will feel very lowly and kneel before you like Zod lol). You're movement and use of lighting worked perfectly, nice weight on the characters. Great job overall!