Reviews for "Skincraft"

Skin seed is better

Very easy to use and very convenient, amazing!

This is more than I was looking for. I'm going to be making a lot of my own skins for my streaming and don't always want to have to make all of them pixel by pixel....your game is perfect for when I want to use someone else's hard work to lessen mine. :D

I'll definitely give shoutouts to your game when using a skin I made here.

I love this game as always i make all the good skins i can imagine.No offence i am not telling that all of the other peoples skins are bad just a tiny bit of bland.i said to make Assassins all from Assassins Creed.But i got a better idea!It is to make My own assassinsonas, etc.I promise it will be good if i make it good and not be lazy and make it bad.It i mean the skins.Anyways everybody keep up the good work!Idk where i got the word Sona.

Yes, the game is really helpful. I would not have been able to figure out how to change my skin if this game wasn't existent.