Reviews for "Skincraft"


It does everything it sets out to do, and in a rather well-organized and easy to use manner. The search feature isn't the best, but I won't hold it against them, since it's not exactly a primary goal, there are other, more appropriate places to upload Minecraft skins.

It's also great, as the other options for Minecraft skinning include downloading a program, or trying to figure out where different pieces of the skin file go where on the model.

I myself have used this in addition to Paint.NET to make a few Minecraft skins (though none I've uploaded here).

In summary, great submission guys!


The best Skin Creator For New And Expert Minecrafters
I WUV IT! 99/10 99/5 :DDD


This is the best and easiest skin creator i have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best thing for the lazier population that play minecraft and hadn't changed their skin until discovery of this, great work!

this is pretty amazing.
i gotta say i love the pre-made textures!
made like 20 skins already!