Reviews for "Skincraft"

I love Skincraft, I literally make every one of my Minecraft skins on it! I find it easy to make my skins, even if the game doesn't always place the color down. One thing that would make this even more enjoyable, is if there was a mirror option that made it when you put the color on one side, it would appear on the other as well. That would be awesome!! If the people that made this are reading, please add a mirror option to Skincraft, thank you! And for those of you that play Skincraft and make skins on it, if you agree on the mirror option, please comment on this! Thank you!!

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i created hank of madness combat 7

I love this! Although it is old, it is still a favorite!

I use this fantastic tool to make all of my skins.The only reason I don't rate 5 stars is because a new update would be nice,but thats just my opinion.It has all the stuff I need to create basic skins.