Reviews for "Ode To The Fallen"

It could make PRO.

Amazing... absolutely amzing... a great feeling of depth and desolation. This song is one of my favourites but it has a few flaws which can be straightened out, first the vocals unless im incorrect are too vague and unclear, they're mushy if you know what I mean, if you can't simulate the choir then get some people to sing for you females are the best and have single vocals instead of choir. ALso a bit more orchestrals, more string backing to come in at certain intervals and blend in and out; sort of like weaving... you make things come in and go out with an absolutely stunning effect believe me. If you do this you can make this song fit for a film or professional class music track.=)


I heard this first while playing Pandemic: EoM and I fell in love with it almost immediately. I was glad it was a NG artist that did it so that I might attain it easily. In an age filled with techno and punk it's very refreshing to find something easy on the ears. Thanks much for this piece, and keep up the good work.


Thank you for 2 things. 1, giving me a great song to listen to and putting in some amazing effort to make it as good as it is now.

Its a wonderful dreamscape feeling, a sort of medieval presence to an epic event. An amazing peice and I'll be looking into your future work.

Keep it up!


Wow, now that's a good piece! This is what I call skilfully composed. The song brought gothic cathedral and angel choir in midst of Medieval times into my mind. I can't possibly find anything bad to say from this one, it is unbelievable, a masterpiece I might say. Keep up the good work!

medieval7 responds:

Many thanks to you man!

A song of the epic level.

This song is brilliant in so many ways. Throughout the entire song it has a remorseful feeling in it. It sounds like the perfect music to represent desolation. Great stuff, definitely a favourite.

medieval7 responds:

Thank you, it´s one of my favourites too