Reviews for "Ode To The Fallen"


OMG... this is the song off of pandemic... wow... i cant believe i stumbled upon this... along w/ the Age of War song which i found last night this is my favorite flash song... 10/10 and 5/5... make more like this!! (o and just in case u want to know what the Age of War song is... its in the Newgrounds Music portal, "Glorious Morning")

Simply amazing. A work of greatness.

Extremely realistic chorus, awesome score. The computerized harp sounds extremely nice, and the chorus is peaceful. The strings are great.

I always say, "Everything online has a dark side".
The music *lacks a musical climax*, but through the song it keeps me suspended in a wistful world. Lacking a climax, it fits the game that it is used in.

This music, although peaceful, has been chosen for an apocolyptic game. This makes the game sound sad and deadly, but alone it is very peaceful. The game is made good because of this music, and i love it.

Thou art... Teh Pwnzors. lawl

1 single frickin word


Really sounds like somebody close to you died...

You could shed a tear or two with this piece... it's good.


sounds like all there is left is one man alive looking at all the dead people
perfect couldn't make it any better***