Reviews for "Ode To The Fallen"


Great job on Ode to the Fallen. I listen to it a lot, as it invokes some emotions in me. I is one of my favorite songs on Newgrounds, and I hope that you make more soon. Thanks for this great piece!


I com to you in need sorry for not introducing myself I am DJ S.H. and this is my request “ I want you to tell people abut my page and for them to listen to DJ S.H. The Land In Despair” that is all pliz from one musician to another this is my request

medieval7 responds:


Great work, I'm interested...

You do fantastic work my friend, great job. Listen I'm making a WWII game about the Russian part of the war. Do you think you could make an original song for me? Something Russianish and WWII style, not fast paced but more of a menu or trailer type music, that would be facinating! Also I gave you a 9 because you have potential, and I believe that you can do even better then you can now, and now it's seriously movie quality, you like Hanz Zimmer, John Willians or Tevor Rabin Jr. Keep it up, and get back to me at amorilious@hotmail.com, thx and once again great work!

medieval7 responds:

thank you


Wow...just wow. This piece is great. You are very talented. This piece reminds me of a warrior remembering his lost comrades in a quiet moment. Very, very good. Symphony quality even. Another straight ten piece.

medieval7 responds:

Thx, man

I like it =)

If i listen "Ode to the Fallen", i can see two men in a cathedral. One is lying on the ground and the other one have a sword. This man is genuflecting behind the dead man and hold a sword, wich he drived against his body. He killed the other one.

A wonderful song :)

medieval7 responds:

wow, thank you