Reviews for "Ode To The Fallen"


Wow this is my first sound review for an audio and I do have to say that this is simply amazing!

medieval7 responds:

Thank you

What do you use?

what music program do you use

medieval7 responds:

Fruity Loops and edirol and couple of soundfonts

Yeah, I heard this in a movie of some sort..

I heard this in a portal submission some day!!

I remember really liking the song, it sounds as if you put a lot of effort into it and it makes everything all the more dramatic.

I really like it because it's a true ode to those who died in combat and such, very versatile!

medieval7 responds:

thanks man


I don't know why I only reviewed your techno pieces because you are actually one of my favorite authors, probably 4th favorite at that.

I like the feel to this song alltogether and how the chior and strings switch off and on until in the 3rd part they come together.

I am really not sure how hard you worked on this one compared to others, but you definately had some creative juices flowing due to the great sequencing of each of the parts.

Shall I try imagery on such a song? Maybe partial imagery, because I can see people thinking of their lost and...almost not mouring, but fighting for that person, or even better yet, thinking of all of the times they had had together, and all of the times they could have had.

Keep it up!

medieval7 responds:

Okey, thanks

I cant believe that im so close to gold!


Very cool indeed! I like the adventurous feeling it presents, it makes me feel like actually getting around to composing something myself for once in a great while!

I like the harp and chords a lot, and the vocals and strings are kind of cool. That bell at the beginning is kind of nice too. Your samples just aren't satisfying though. I'm not sure whether or note I like the vocal sample...I guess it's not too bad.

I liek it a lot though! Personally, I don't think it fits with the title though. :/

medieval7 responds:

Thank u mister